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Mini Triathlon ! The Vintage Games show off ... Fourth Edition !
Pizza Rossa, 4-12 Whittington Ave, EC3V 1AB 18-06-2017

Exact address is : Pizza Rossa, 4-12 Whittington Ave, EC3V 1AB (Closer Tube station is : Bank )
team !!

After the wonderful previous events back in June, July and September last year, we are ready for yet another day of sport madness ... in the City!

Join us Sunday 18 June 2017 for another afternoon of pure, undiluted fun with a min-triathlon of vintage games which will set the clock back to the good old 70s and 80s !

Team up with your friend, fiancée, colleague ... or with a perfect stranger to beat the other players in short and highly energetic runs of Table Football, Ping Pong and Arcade Video Games !

Hosted at the trendy Pizza Rossa venue in the City, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills from the teenagers days while meeting lots of new friends. And to make sure you quickly recoup your energies between each game, there will be plenty of fabulous Pizza to keep you going !

Below all the details :

- Start is at 2pm. Please, be punctual
- Each Team consists of two people
- Teams will be formed on the day, when registering at the event;  you can team-up with a friend, fiancée, a relative or ... a perfect stranger (which usually is more fun!)
- Each team will compete in all three disciplines; the Team which accumulates the most points will be declared the winner of the first Prize
- Attendance at the event is 10 pounds which includes unlimited Pizza, a soft drink and a coffee; plus of course attendance to the tournament
- While waiting your round at each match, you can indulge in other activities : there will be a photo booth and a dart games ... plus lots people to mingle with
- The most important thing : this event is for anyone who wants to enjoy a few hours of fun while meeting new friends – it doesn’t matter whether you are a champion or a perfect novice!

Everybody is invited to join – there is no age limit for having fun !




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